Name: Javier "Kenji" Martinez
City I was born in: Miami, FL
Family from: Cuba
Fav Color: Blue
Fav Food: Steak and Fries
Fav Movie: The Sandlot and The Karate Kid (the original one)
Fav Show: If it's a tv show, Frasier. If it's a Broadway show, In the Heights.
Instrument: Multiple. I'm the utility dude!
Song that makes me Happy: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
Parish: St. Brendan Catholic Church
Why is Music Ministry Important?:
Music Ministry is important because it is complimentary to preaching and praying. It is another way we can lift our hearts to God, and praise him. 
What do I want people to do after they read this?:
I want people to listen to our songs, and join us on our mission to praise God