Name: Liana "Chuchi" Lopez
City I was born in: Miami, FL
Family from: Cuba
Fav Color: Pink
Fav Food: Pancakes
Fav Movie: A Walk to Remember
Fav Show: If this is TV show, Friends or The Office. 
If it's Broadway show, it's Wicked, On Your Feet, or In the Heights
Instrument: Vocals
Song that makes me Happy: It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
Parish: St. Timothy Catholic Church - Miami, Florida
Why is Music Ministry Important?:
Music is a universal language that everyone enjoys, and I feel that Music Ministry gives me the opportunity to share the love of the Lord with anyone who hears. Music Ministry has allowed me to evangelize and show others how great our God is and how much he has done for us. 
What do I want people to do after they read this?:
I want people to be inspired to grow in their faith and love for Christ.