Name: CJ Cristobal
City I was born in: Miami, Florida
Family from: Cuba
Fav Color: Orange
Fav Food: Chicken fried steak smothered in gravy (Specifically from Cracker Barrel)
Fav Movie: Pulp Fiction 
Fav Show: Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones
Instrument: Keyboard & Vocal
Song that makes me Happy: Rock With You - Michael Jackson
Parish: St. Timothy Catholic Church - Miami, Florida
Why is Music Ministry Important?:
Music is a great way to get people together. Music Ministry is a great way to have fun with friends while praising God! Music can make people smile or move them to tears, and I believe Music Ministry can make people feel that way about The Lord. Music Ministry gives you another opportunity to feel God's love!
What do I want people to do after they read this?:
Go on Instagram & Facebook and follow us! Tell your friends about us! Make people feel God's love by showing it through actions!