Name: Andrea Jiménez (aka Anj, Dr. Dre, etc) 
What city were you born in: Miami, FL
Where is your family from: Mexico and DR ;)
Favorite  color: orange or purple, depending on my mood
Favorite food: If type, Italian. If dish, tacos. 
Favorite movie: The Parent Trap
Favorite show: TV show- Friends. Theater show- Titanic (not like the movie).
Instrument: vocals
Song that makes you happy: Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
Parish: St. Timothy Catholic Church
Favorite song: Here In Your Presence
Why is music ministry important?: I think music is great tool through which people can encounter and experience God. It can create the right atmosphere for people to praise and worship. I love seeing people engaged when we play, because I know that the music has helped them connect with God in that moment!
What do you want people to do after they read this?: I hope people feel inspired to listen to the ways in which God is calling them to serve. We all have talents, so we should use them to glorify Him!