Name: Lauren Lopez
City I was born in: Miami, FL
Family from: Cuba
Fav Color: Light blue
Fav Food: Pasta
Fav Movie: There are too many to nameÖ but some top ones are Moana, The Little Mermaid, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.
Fav Show: Iím not sure if this is supposed to be TV shows or Broadway shows, so Iíll include both! My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead and Friends. My favorite Broadway shows are In the Heights, Hamilton, and Lion King.
Instrument: vocals (and sometimes shaker!)
Songs that makes me Happy: Living in the Moment (Jason Mraz)
& Sunday Morning (Maroon 5) 
Parish: St. Timothy Catholic Parish (Miami, FL)
Why is Music Ministry Important?:
God blesses each of us in this world with unique gifts, and we are called to use those gifts to serve others and to serve Him. Music ministry is the way that I thank God for the gifts heís given me, and give it back to Him. Itís the way that I'm able to evangelize and share the love I have for Christ with my community. 
What do I want people to do after they read this?:
Check out our music so you're ready for our next event! Hopefully we'll see you soon, praising and worshiping alongside us.