Name: Luis Lopez (Lu)
City I was born in: Denver, Colorado
Family from: Cuba
Fav Color: Blue
Fav Food: I'm a big foodie, so this is always changing, but I think today it's Shrimp & Grits
Fav Movie: Iron Man or Star Wars (eps 2-7)
Fav Show: If this is TV show, I have to say Walking Dead.  If it's Broadway show, it's Wicked
Instrument: bass, vocals, and sometimes guitar
Song that makes me Happy: I Wish - Stevie Wonder
Parish: St. Timothy Catholic Church - Miami, Florida
Why is Music Ministry Important?:
God gives each of us gifts and I think one of the reasons He does this is to allow us to demonstrate His love through our gifts.  Music Ministry is just that - using the gift that God gave us to glorify Him. If our music touches ONE person, and in turn it inspires that person to get closer to Him, then we have succeeded in using that gift properly.
What do I want people to do after they read this?:
Be inspired to love and serve Jesus and, if not allergic, have a bowl of shrimp and grits ;)